Personal Data Protection Compliance: global standard for personal data processing

The Group Data Protection Compliance Office manages the risks and business impacts of European, national and international data protection legislations. It ensures a consistent and globally valid data protection approach and sets data security standards for personal data processing, based on globally accepted principles. It also oversees all ongoing activities related to the development and the implementation of the Airbus Data Protection Policies, as well as the Binding Corporate Rules (BCR).

Anti-corruption programme: organisation and employee support

Airbus has organised a risk-based, centralised network of experts in anti-corruption headed up by the Group International Compliance officer. Employees of the Group have direct access to them and may ask questions or request the assistance of those experts either in where they belong or at Division/Group level. The main points of contacts for anti-corruption issues are given in Our Integrity Principles.

Our anti-corruption policy: ‘zero tolerance’ to corruption

Airbus has established and regularly updated since 2001 an anti-corruption policy prohibiting all forms of corruption, whether public or private. The policy applies to all operations of Airbus, at any stage of the negotiation or execution of any kind of agreements or contract: e.g. commercial contracts, joint-venture partnership agreement related to any field of activity (e.g. product sales, offset arrangements, mergers & acquisitions projects, etc.).

This policy applies wherever the Group carries out national and international business transactions, to all employees, Directors and Officers of the.airbusgroup.companies. Risk based Processes have to be implemented for the assessment and validation of third parties dealing with the Group.

In 2013 and 2014 Ethic Intelligence awarded the Airbus and its Divisions certificates stating that “The anticorruption policy is properly designed in a coherent manner, corresponding to international best practices, with regard to the risk of corruption of Airbus” and that “the Policy is consistently implemented throughout the Division”. Guidelines have also been edited to support the assessment of corruption risks linked to third parties in general and more particularly in the framework of specific operations such as Mergers & Acquisition or transactions with business partners